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Born from the exchange of ideas between the Parisian design studios at Avenue Montaigne and the Swiss technical teams. Dior Timepieces, with their new editions for 2011, are opening up a new chapter in Dior’s Haute Couture watchmaking.Since 2008, plissés, embroideries, lace, openwork, dotted voile, hems and linings have been enriching the vocabulary ofthe Ateliers Horlogers Dior at La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Although 2011 is the occasion for Dior Timepieces to present Dior VIII, the fourth line directly inspired by architecture, amajor House code, they are also reinventing the Dior Christal, La D de Dior and Chiffre Rouge lines as well as the one-of-a-kindDior Haute Couture timepieces, always with the same constant concern for creativity and refinement even for the linings.

Just like Dior Haute Couture or Haute Joaillerie, whose creativity perpetually pushes back the technical boundaries of theirart, the Ateliers Horlogers Dior turn to the finest partners in order to realize the creative ideas from Avenue Montaigne. So,after Concepto (for its Tourbillon calibre similar to lace), Quinting (for its mysterious movement evoking the transparency ofa petticoat) and Orny & Girardin (for their “Dior 8 fuseaux horaires” calibre with a kinetic effect),this year Dior has workedin collaboration with Soprod and Frédéric Jouvenot to develop the calibre “Dior Inversé” (Dior inverted calibre), placing theoscillating weight of the automatic movement – the movement’s “lining” – on top of the dial, thereby turning it into a decorativeelement in openwork and embroidered gold.

Reworked in the same spirit by Dior, the bracelets are structured, the settings become embroideries, the dials are hemmedin diamonds and the mother of pearl marquetry forms plissés and ruffles. The oscillating weights are like lacquered liningsand the colours evoke the palette of the Haute Couture gowns.


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